Love or Obligation


This is an interesting topic anytime of the year but during the Christmas season this is a question that is often on people’s minds. Do we go home for Christmas because we want to or are we obligated to go home? Do we spend time with friends who understand us and we share commons beliefs or do we visit family who do not understand us and have different beliefs.

I know that in recent months it has been on my mind and has caused much self reflection. Love and obligation are two things that I struggle with, as I try to become a more loving and understanding person.

If I don’t try to love and understand the person I feel obligated to, am I failing myself and them or am I saving myself.
If someone is negative, controlling, demanding and self-centred should I try to love them or should I save myself and move forward without them towards a more positive future.

What’s the quote from the bible “God give me the strength to change the things I can change and wisdom to know the difference” (something like that). I can not change the person I feel obligated to, but I can save myself from being like them.

The road to freedom, positive thinking, love and understanding is hard, but some journeys are worth the pain.


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